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Gaining Experience

Career Prep

  • Beginning in mid-October of the first year, Moritz students are assigned an advisor who partners with them throughout their law school careers
  • The Office of Career Services offers a number of programs to ensure success after law school, including panels with young alumni, and our Lunch with a Lawyer and Mock Interview programs.
  • Mentoring opportunities through the Mentoring and More @ Moritz program allow students to connect and network with mentors from firms, legal services organizations, and areas of government throughout their time in law school.
  • The Corporate Fellowship Program places recent graduates in general counsel offices at leading national corporations like L Brands, Honda, Nationwide, and Kroger, where they work alongside in-house counsel and are paired with a mentor as they observe and learn the dynamics of a corporate legal team.


We have a lot of employers who are very interested in meeting our students. The fact that our alums are successful in their jobs opens the door to our current students getting in and meeting other people, so the network is constantly expanding.

Career services program has definitely been helpful as far as just giving me the experience and opportunity to talk to a lot of different practicing attorneys.

We have developed programs just really meant to get students out into the community so they can learn what's out there, what the market involves, and so they can start networking and meeting people and getting into professions too.

Just going to those events and seeing all the different career paths out there was something that I really valued and that kind of equipped me for moving forward to be able to decide, OK, I like this-- I like what this person said, let me maybe make a connection with this person and then go from there.

So Moritz has partnerships with a lot of corporations throughout Columbus-- actually, Ohio-- and what the, I guess, goal of that partnership is to do is to allow students to get in those corporations and just gain some more experience. So I'll be at L Brands, which is the parent company for companies such as Victoria's Secret, Pink, Bath and Body Works, and White Barn. So I'll be in their legal offices solving all the legal problems, hopefully.