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Gaining Experience

Hands-On Experience

  • Moritz offers an array of simulation-based skills courses and opportunities to combine classroom teaching with field-placement projects to give students the experience and confidence necessary to excel from day one of their careers.
  • The Washington, D.C., Summer Program combines class work with a substantive externship in a federal agency, think tank, the executive branch, or Congress.
  • Thanks to our location in both a state capital and a booming legal market, students complete externships with some of Ohio’s most prestigious courts, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal agencies each semester.
  • Moritz is home to seven clinics, which allow students to represent real clients in real cases.
    • Civil Law Clinic
    • Criminal Defense Clinic
    • Criminal Prosecution Clinic
    • Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic
    • Justice for Children Clinic
    • Legislation Clinic
    • Mediation Clinic


One thing I love about Ohio State is that we want our students to get hands-on experience. In fact, I direct our Washington, D.C., Summer Program, which is geared towards students at the end of their first year of law school. And I help them throughout the year to secure internships at federal agencies, on the Hill, in the White House, at public interest organizations.

I was placed in the chairman's office at the Federal Communications Commission. That experience and that potential just blossomed into really what I want to do with my career.

At Ohio State, we have a terrific externship program. Each year we place about 80 students in externships, where they can get that hands-on experience working for someone that's doing this every day to learn how to be lawyer.

Some of the cool experiences that I've been able to have are business of law clinic, then my general experience on the Ohio State Business Law Journal, and then I've also had two classes, Business of Law with Professor Lee and then Gender and the Law with Professor Chamallas. And the experiential learning classes allow you to apply a lot of the principles that you've learned in the lecture type classes to actually some real world issues. And it's absolutely fascinating to kind of look and see how you are being equipped to solve some of those issues.