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Gaining Experience

Lawyers As Leaders

  • The Program on Law and Leadership (PLL) trains budding lawyers how to best serve their careers, communities, and society at large.
  • Each year, PLL hosts acclaimed thought leaders on campus at an array of events, from Supreme Court justices and governors to general counsel, CEOs, and nonprofit board members.
  • Leadership workshops aim to nurture management and leadership skills outside of the traditional curriculum.
  • PLL invites students to attend intimate discussions with distinguished lawyer-leaders over lunch several times a year during the Dean’s Roundtable and Conversation Series events.

If lawyers are going to typically lead, why not learn to do it as well as you possibly can? I'm Nancy Rogers. I'm the director of the Program on Law and Leadership at Moritz College of Law. So the Program on Law and Leadership focuses on questions such as, what is the best approach to leadership, when would you be collaborative, and when is it best to be directive in leadership style, for example.

And it develops additional skills that leaders need. So for example, the workshops might focus on something like facilitating effective work groups or effective meetings. It might focus on what to do when someone says to the leader, as the leader walks into the room, can you give us a few words?

So what sets the Program on Law and Leadership apart is the roundtables. I've participated in one with Governor Brian Sandoval from Nevada. And it was just incredible.

For me, what I took away from the program was that it isn't always necessarily about being asked to be a leader. Sometimes if you see a problem, you can be the leader in developing that solution, or even saying that there needs to be a solution and what that might look place. So taking the initiative I think is another leadership quality that I learned at Moritz.