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Public Service

  • The Public Service Law Center, which opened in 2014, houses ample space for students to gather, collaborate, and to conduct private meetings or client interviews. The center also offers career counseling for students seeking public service or public interest positions.
  • Moritz offers a variety of public service fellowship opportunities including the Greif Fellowship in Juvenile Human Trafficking and the DRO Coyle Family Fellowship in Special Education.
  • The Public Service Fellows Program recognizes students who volunteer legal service to a nonprofit organization or governmental agency.
  • The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) raises more than $30,000 in its Annual Auction to help fund low- or non-paying public interest summer fellowships for students.
  • Graduating classes perform upwards of 10,000 pro bono public service hours on average before graduation.


So the Public Service Fellows Program is meant to honor students who do more than 50 hours of pro bono legal or mediation service during their time at Moritz.

And so our dean has worked very hard to have privately funded fellowships where a student can work in the public interest providing free legal services, or low cost legal services of an organization that does those kinds of things, and gain that experience so that they can then go on and get the public interest a job or public service job in the future.

The number of ways I benefited from the Greif fellowship are immeasurable. It prepared me to be a lawyer far more quickly than I think I would have gotten anywhere else. As the Greif fellow, you're representing clients right off the bat. Right out of law school, you have clients who need everything from immigration help, to delinquency representation, to custody representation. So it's a wide range of legal experience that you're getting.

And the entire time you're getting it, you have somebody like Kim Jordan mentoring you, which is incredible to have somebody right there by your side teaching you how to be a lawyer. Every day, I feel like I can make a difference in somebody's life. And that is the biggest benefit to having a public interest career.