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Community Culture

  • Student body size: 570
  • 50+ student-run organizations
  • 11:1 student to faculty ratio
  • First attempt bar passage rate: 89 percent
  • We offer a variety of education opportunities abroad including fellowship and scholarship opportunities, an Oxford Summer Program, and exchange programs in Germany, Spain, China, and Brazil.


I think one of the critical characteristics of the Moritz College of Law community is that we actually see learning as a joint enterprise. We have people here from all walks of life, and we have students who have a lot of different points of view on politics, religion, you name it.

I had some really strong relationships with several faculty members, and I would still consider them mentors, especially with some of the practitioners that were my instructors when I was in the second and third year. Those are some folks that I still very much stay in touch with because I'm frankly practicing in their world.

Increasingly, the law and the Moritz College of Law have an international perspective.

Moritz has a really growing study abroad program, and I got to participate on one of their pilot programs to China. I learned a lot of incredible things, and I met a lot of wonderful people who are going to continue to do incredible things, and I just don't think I would have had that experience anywhere else.