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Gaining Experience

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Gaining Experience


  • Students in our clinics represent real clients and are responsible for their own cases, combining prized experience in both the courtroom and the classroom.
  • Students work under the supervision of faculty, who provide guidance and legal expertise along the way.

Our Clinics:

  • Civil Law Clinic
  • Criminal Defense Clinic
  • Criminal Prosecution Clinic
  • Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic
  • Justice for Children Clinic
  • Legislation Clinic
  • Mediation Clinic


Clinics are an amazing opportunity for students to gain real world, live client experience under the supervision of an experienced lawyer.

We have seven different clinics at the Moritz College of Law, each focusing in a different area. I teach a criminal prosecution clinic and a criminal defense clinic. And in those clinics, students get to prosecute or defend real misdemeanors here in central Ohio. But we also have a civil law clinic. We have a juvenile justice clinic, a mediation clinic, a clinic that focuses on the needs of new businesses, start-up businesses, and a legislation clinic that works with the statehouse downtown.

Students in my clinic, the Justice for Children clinic, represent children in live cases. They represent juvenile delinquents. They represent children in the child welfare system, and they represent child immigrants. And they do all of the work from interviewing the client, building the relationship with the client, determining the appropriate legal course of action, and then end up presenting the legal case to the court.

Right now I'm involved with the civil clinic, and I'm working with my professor on a civil rights case, specifically a prisoner's rights case. And with that opportunity, I've gotten to meet my clients. I've gotten to go in front of a judge, practice pretrial hearing, and I'll be actually giving depositions in a couple of weeks.